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A technology roadmap is a display, document, or diagram that illustrates the technology adoption plan at a given organization. Technology roadmaps are created to help business leaders plan and strategize which, when, and why certain technologies will be onboarded while avoiding expensive mistakes and even plan for technologies becoming obsolete. A technology roadmap, when shared by the IT team, helps the different teams align with the upcoming software changes.

This enables all the architecture changes to stay maintained in one document. It outlines current third-party integrations, APIs, storage, and more for the product, and also upcoming changes or upgrades within the next few quarters. Organizations need to update the technologies for their products to reduce costs, increase efficient operations, increase productivity, and create a better user experience. I am passionate about solving business problems by bringing the team together and removing impediments. I started my career as a business analyst before moving into product management. I am a Certified Scrum Master and I also write my thoughts about product management at

The State of Clean Technology Manufacturing

We’ll also talk about how to create, communicate, and share technology maps, and provide examples and templates. A is a high-level visual summary that maps out the vision and plans for a complex technology undertaking. Businesses use technology roadmaps to plan and manage internal IT projects. Technology roadmaps can help organizations to both understand current needs and predict future needs, making it easier to determine technology requirements. Technology roadmaps also give companies a framework for surviving more turbulent times and help them quickly adapt if the technology landscape changes in their industry.

Developing new products, equipment, and processes benefits greatly from the regular use of roadmaps. Your technology or IT roadmap should include both long-term and short-term goals that the business or organization wishes to achieve through the technology implementation. These goals focus on the business operations that are made possible through the technology systems, in addition to what will be needed to maintain the systems as the business continues to evolve. As organizations lay out their strategy and implementation to help execute on their vision, a technology roadmap will help them determine which technologies to invest in and how to implement them. Technology roadmaps should enable technological infrastructure improvements to meet both long-term and short-term targets of the business or organization in mind.

Announced electrolyser manufacturing capacity by region and manufacturing capacity needed in the Net Zero Scenario, 2021-2030

Product Management for Information Technology Product management for information technology is an integral part of product organization as they embark on a digital transformation. A technology roadmap can help you do this by allowing you to clearly and persuasively summarize your strategic thinking behind your plan, and the benefits you anticipate the change will deliver to the company. This type is more directed to the implementation of strategy and related to project planning.

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They are the necessary factors that give meaning and structure to your technology roadmap. The use and application of available technologies are where the biggest potentials for disruptions exist for businesses. Because of the dynamic and evolving nature of technology, you need to update and accurately project technological advancement to avoid getting cut out by disruption. As your business develops, your business processes and requirements will also grow and evolve.

The key value propositions of any roadmap can be summed up this way:

From workflow to resource management to emerging technologies and others, they are quick to adapt to changes in their industries and the needs of their target audience. While transforming the IT organization and operating model is a critical way for companies to get the most out of their technology, that change alone will not necessarily lead to better performance. In fact, the proportion of respondents who say they have a mature operating model is nearly the same among top performers as it is among everyone else.

Report on key metrics and get real-time visibility into work as it happens with roll-up reports, dashboards, and automated workflows built to keep your team connected and informed. Modern Project & Portfolio Management Connect projects with organization strategy. Though they include multiple products on this roadmap, the filter and search functionality make it easy to find the specific product or service you are looking for. And there you have it, 5 easy steps to craft a well-defined technology roadmap. Also expect feedback from members of your engineering team on how to improve your technology infrastructure. Roadmap initiatives are defined, they can assist with steering discussions around projects and resources.

About the Technology Roadmap Template

They help industry researchers and developers engage in unified exploration of past, present, and future technologies with the goal of solving problems and creating better technologies for future generations. Should you show a snapshot of upcoming work for the month or all major efforts happening over the next few quarters? For example, stick to high-level goal progress in leadership briefings and board meetings.

technology roadmap

Take IDC’s ERP Modernization Maturity Assessment to benchmark your organization’s progress against your peers. Lucidchart helps you represent strategy visually, break your product adoption into epics, and assign tasks to individual team members. Guiding CISA technology investment towards the right mix of technology capabilities to best serve our mission is an evolving challenge. The Strategic Technology Roadmap serves as an annual touchstone for this challenge by identifying the technologies receiving current investments and revealing the opportunity areas for future growth.

What are the benefits of a technology roadmap?

You can best view the technology roadmap as a visual display of documents and illustrations that point out the technological organization’s plan. Notice that each initiative within this roadmap is discussed only at the strategic level rather than the task level. That way everyone is on the same page in terms of the goals and necessary steps.

This type of technology roadmap is most effective when managed by the administrators of tech—be it a dedicated IT team or an operations manager. But these areas remain a small part of the overall hydrogen landscape, highlighting the need for greater policy support. Alkaline electrolysers are a more mature technology with a long history of deployment in the chlor-alkali industry.

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Third, as companies develop new strategies and business goals to meet the growing needs of their stakeholders and customers, they can use technology roadmapping to determine what is possible in product development. In each of these areas of technology, key stakeholders use roadmapping to stimulate and guide innovation within their field. Company representatives, equipment manufacturers, service providers, and government and research agencies all collaborate. They update one another on research, strategy, technology planning, and developments. They then consider the guidelines in the roadmaps to generate ideas and create plans for future technology solutions. Since the technology roadmapping process will vary depending on the type of business or project, it is vital to understand stakeholder participation.

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