Value: 1 INC (Indiya Coin) = 1 INR (Indian Rupees)

// Use Case

Payment on Goods by Cryptocurrency Holder

  • The users holding cryptocurrency can purchase items in a ratio of 1INC to 1 INR by relying on us, about purchasing by proxy on E-commerce websites when they want to buy something there and use cryptocurrency.

Users who is going to Hold Cryptocurrency

  • INC users are able to manage assets, exchange INC for tokens provided as liquidity on DEX along with INR and INC on their own authority and at their own risk.

Use of Decentralized Exchanges

  • INC users provide liquidity on a decentralized exchanges on their own authority and at their own risk. When INC liquidity is provided, people can exchange (swap) INC for all the tokens that can be traded on DEX without the issuers’ approval.
  • The more INC is used for swap on DEX, the more INC, or other tokens liquidityproviders can get as rewards.

Use of Decentralized Lending Protocol

  • INC is a token, which means technologically all the DeFi using tokens are available with INC. For example, one can lend INC through decentralized lending protocol, Compound at his or her sole discretion and risk.
  • As INC is not traded in Compound, but once the Compound community approves of handling of INC, everyone can lend INC and get yield, or lend INC by paying yield.

Arbitration by DeFi Users

  • INC is a token, so INC holders can use all the DeFi based on tokens. DeFi is a developing market, thus there is a tendency for temporary price differences in products with the same value to occur.
  • In such a case, people can choose arbitrage trading asa way to earn profits by selling the overvalued one and buying the undervalued one, and then buying or selling the opposite one when the price difference between the two narrows, under their own authority and responsibility.

Buying goods of crypto artists

  • INC is technologically usable as all the other Blockchain tokens. Buying goods by crypto artists who issue NFT (Non-fungible token) and conduct sales could happen, by swapping and getting INC such as on DEX.